Cedric Messina: Credits


[dir] = directed by Cedric Messina, [prod] = produced by Cedric Messina

23/08/1962 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: A Taste of Dust [dir]
13/09/1962 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: What Money Can’t Buy [dir]
11/10/1962 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Snap Diagnosis [prod & dir]
01/11/1962 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Behind Closed Doors [prod & dir]
05/09/1963 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: A Time for Laughing [dir]
26/09/1963 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Cup, Hand, or Cards? [dir]
18/10/1963 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Ride in a Wheelchair [dir]
06/12/1963 Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Possessed of Devils [dir]
21/12/1963: The Physicists [dir]
03/05/1964 Theatre 625: The Seekers 1: The Heretics [prod]
10/05/1964 Theatre 625: The Seekers 2: The Idealists [prod]
17/05/1964 Theatre 625: The Seekers 3: The Materialists [prod]
05/07/1964 Theatre 625: All the Conspirators 1: The Ides of March [prod]
12/07/1964 Theatre 625: All the Conspirators 2: The Just [prod]
20/09/1964 Theatre 625: Women In Crisis 1: Husband and Wife [prod]
27/09/1964 Theatre 625: Women In Crisis 2: With Love and Tears [prod]
04/10/1964 Theatre 625: Women In Crisis 3: My Grandmother [prod]
08/10/1964 Thursday Theatre: Captain Carvallo [prod]
15/10/1964 Thursday Theatre: The Cure for Love [prod]
22/10/1964 Thursday Theatre: Any Other Business [prod]
25/10/1964 Theatre 625: Carried By Storm [prod]
29/10/1964 Thursday Theatre: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll [prod]
05/11/1964 Thursday Theatre: Write Me a Murder [prod]
12/11/1964 Thursday Theatre: The Same Sky [prod]
19/11/1964 Thursday Theatre: Simon and Laura [prod]
26/11/1964 Thursday Theatre: The Cocktail Party [prod]
03/12/1964 Thursday Theatre: Murder Mistaken [prod]
06/12/1964 Theatre 625: Parade’s End 1: Some Do Not [prod]
10/12/1964 Thursday Theatre: A Day by the Sea [prod]
13/12/1964 Theatre 625: Parade’s End 2: No More Parades [prod]
17/12/1964 Thursday Theatre: Point of Departure [prod]
20/12/1964 Theatre 625: Parade’s End 3: A Man Could Stand Up [prod]
24/12/1964 Thursday Theatre: The Young Elizabeth [prod]
25/12/1964 Little Sweep [prod]
31/12/1964 Thursday Theatre: When We are Married [prod]
07/02/1965 Theatre 625: Poor Bitos [prod]
14/03/1965 Theatre 625: Progress to the Park [prod]
21/03/1965 Theatre 625: No Trams to Lime Street [prod]
28/03/1965 Theatre 625: A Little Winter Love [prod]
11/04/1965 Theatre 625: Ironhand [prod]
18/04/1965 Theatre 625: Try for White [prod]
27/06/1965 Theatre 625: Unman, Wittering, and Zygo [prod]
04/07/1965 Theatre 625: Seek Her Out [prod]
11/07/1965 Theatre 625: The Long House [prod]
05/09/1965 Theatre 625: Esther’s Altar [prod]
26/09/1965 Theatre 625: Rosmersholm [prod]
03/10/1965 Theatre 625: Miss Julie [prod]
10/10/1965 Theatre 625: Hermit Crabs [prod]
17/10/1965 Theatre 625: Enter Solly Gold [prod]
19/10/1965 Play of the Month: Luther [prod]
31/10/1965 Theatre 625: The Siege of Manchester [prod]
07/11/1965 Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell: Keep the Aspidistra Flying [prod]
21/11/1965 Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell: Coming Up for Air [prod]
28/11/1965 Theatre 625: The World of George Orwell: 1984 [prod]
05/12/1965 Theatre 625: Portraits From the North 1: The Nutter [prod]
19/12/1965 Theatre 625: Portraits From the North 2: Bruno [prod]
02/01/1966 Theatre 625: Doctor Knock [prod]
16/01/1966 La Boheme [prod]
23/01/1966 Theatre 625: The Wesker Trilogy 1: Chicken Soup With Barley [prod]
30/01/1966 Theatre 625: The Wesker Trilogy 2: Roots [prod]
06/02/1966 Theatre 625: The Wesker Trilogy 3: I’m Talking About Jerusalem [prod]
13/02/1966 Theatre 625: Kiss On A Grass Green Pillow [prod]
15/02/1966 Play of the Month: Where Angels Fear to Tread [prod]
27/02/1966 Theatre 625: A Man Like That [prod]
06/03/1966 Theatre 625: Simon and Laura [prod]
13/03/1966 Theatre 625: The Queen and Jackson [prod]
20/03/1966 Theatre 625: A Month in the Country [prod]
27/03/1966 Theatre 625: The Seagull [prod]
03/04/1966 Theatre 625: The Twelfth Hour [prod]
10/04/1966 Theatre 625: The Queen and the Welshman [prod]
12/04/1966 Play of the Month: Make Me an Offer [prod]
24/04/1966 Theatre 625: Final Demand [prod]
01/05/1966 Theatre 625: Semi-Detached [prod]
24/05/1966 Play of the Month: Death of a Salesman [prod]
12/06/1966 Theatre 625: Marianne [prod]
28/06/1966 Play of the Month: The Devil’s Eggshell [prod]
17/07/1966 Theatre 625: On the March to the Sea [prod]
25/07/1966 Theatre 625: How to Get Rid of Your Husband [prod]
31/07/1966 Theatre 625: Girl of My Dreams [prod]
27/09/1966 Play of the Month: Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov [prod]
19/10/1966 The Wednesday Play: A Piece of Resistance [prod]
25/10/1966 Play of the Month: Days to Come [prod]
13/11/1966 The Mines of Sulphur [prod]
22/11/1966 Play of the Month: Corridors of Power [prod]
11/12/1966 Opera 625: Billy Budd [prod]
20/12/1966 Play of the Month: Making of Jericho [prod]
18/01/1967 The Wednesday Play: The Largest Theatre In the World: The Order [prod]
23/01/1967 Some Place of Darkness [prod]
05/02/1967 Much Ado About Nothing [prod]
06/03/1967 Eugene Onegin [prod]
14/03/1967 Play of the Month: The Cabinet Papers [prod]
21/05/1967: The Count of Luxembourg [prod]
07/06/1967 A Flea In Her Ear [prod]
15/10/1967 Play of the Month: Girls in Uniform [prod]
05/11/1967 Theatre 625: The Single Passion [prod]
12/11/1967 Play of the Month: The Moon and Sixpence [prod]
19/11/1967 Faust [prod]
03/12/1967 Play of the Month: Romeo and Juliet [prod]
25/12/1967: Amahl and the Night Visitors [prod]
11/02/1968 Play of the Month: Cyrano de Bergerac [prod]
17/03/1968 Trouble in Tahiti [prod]
17/03/1968 Play of the Month: Ghosts [prod]
14/04/1968 Play of the Month: The Corn Is Green [prod]
12/05/1968 Play of the Month: The Tempest [prod]
19/05/1968 The Rose Affair [prod]
09/06/1968 Play of the Month: The Old Ladies [prod]
07/07/1968 Play of the Month: Man and Superman [prod]
04/08/1968 Play of the Month: Hay Fever [prod]
01/09/1968 Play of the Month: St. Joan [prod]
13/10/1968 Play of the Month: The Male Animal [prod]
24/12/1968 Play of the Month: Waters of the Moon [prod]
25/12/1968: The Merry Widow [prod]
12/01/1969 Play of the Month: Mary Queen of Scots [prod]
09/02/1969 Play of the Month: Maigret at Bay [prod]
16/02/1969 Othello [prod]
02/03/1969 Play of the Month: Relatively Speaking [prod]
04/04/1969 The Rebel [prod]
13/04/1969 Play of the Month: Julius Caesar [prod]
11/05/1969 Play of the Month: An Ideal Husband [prod]
12/10/1969 Play of the Month: The Heiress [prod]
23/11/1969 Play of the Month: Charley’s Aunt [prod]
14/12/1969 Play of the Month: The Marquise [prod]
14/01/1970 Solo: Jeremy Brett as Byron [prod]
18/01/1970 Play of the Month: The Three Sisters [prod & dir]
21/01/1970 Solo: A Selection from E.E. Cummings [prod]
28/01/1970 Solo: Alec Mccowen as Van Gogh [prod]
01/02/1970 Music On 2: The Bear [prod]
04/02/1970 Solo: Margaret Tyzack as Mrs Beeton [prod]
11/02/1970 Solo: Tom Courtenay as D.H. Lawrence [prod]
15/02/1970 Play of the Month: In Good King Charles’s Golden Days [prod]
18/02/1970 Solo: Little Gidding [prod]
25/02/1970 Solo: Eileen Atkins as Mary Kingsley [prod]
04/03/1970 Solo: Ian Mckellen as John Keats [prod]
11/03/1970 Solo: Janet Suzman as Charlotte Brontë [prod]
15/03/1970 Play of the Month: Separate Tables [prod]
18/03/1970 Solo: Roy Dotrice as Anton Chekhov [prod]
25/03/1970 Solo: Michael Jayston as Wilfred Owen [prod]
01/04/1970 Solo: Eric Porter as Leo Tolstoy [prod]
19/04/1970 Play of the Month: Howards End [prod]
17/05/1970 Play of the Month: The Rivals [prod]
20/09/1970 Play of the Month: Macbeth [prod]
18/10/1970 Play of the Month: Ross [dir]
08/11/1970 Play of the Month: Uncle Vanya [prod]
24/12/1970 Play of the Month: Five Finger Exercise [prod]
03/01/1971 Play of the Month: Act of Betrayal [prod]
21/02/1971 Play of the Month: Candida [prod]
21/03/1971 Play of the Month: The Wild Duck [prod]
25/04/1971 Play of the Month: Don Juan in hell [prod]
23/05/1971 Play of the Month: Platonov [prod]
07/07/1971 Stage 2: Trelawny of the Wells [prod]
21/07/1971 Stage 2: The Playboy of the Western World [prod]
04/08/1971 Stage 2: She Stoops to Conquer [prod]
27/08/1971 The Visitation [prod]
26/09/1971 Play of the Month: A Midsummer Night’s Dream [prod]
24/10/1971 Play of the Month: Rasputin [prod]
24/11/1971 Play of the Month: Tartuffe [prod]
19/12/1971 Play of the Month: The Cherry Orchard [prod]
24/12/1971 Tales of Hoffman [prod]
26/12/1971 Die Fledermaus [prod]
23/01/1972 Play of the Month: Summer and Smoke [prod]
20/02/1972 Play of the Month: Stephen D [prod]
16/04/1972 Play of the Month: The Merchant of Venice [dir]
14/05/1972 Play of the Month: Lady Windermere’s Fan [prod]
25/09/1972 Play of the Month: The Millionairess [prod]
26/09/1972 Stage 2: Peer Gynt [prod]
03/10/1972 Stage 2: Mrs Warren’s Profession [prod]
10/10/1972 Stage 2: The Duchess of Malfi [prod]
20/10/1972 Play of the Month: Hedda Gabler [prod]
24/11/1972 Play of the Month: King Oedipus [prod]
20/12/1973 Play of the Month: The Magistrate [prod]
26/12/1972 Falstaff [Verdi Comic Opera] [prod]
29/12/1972 The Gondoliers [prod]
16/02/1973 Play of the Month: Candide [prod]
15/04/1973 Play of the Month: A Room with a View [prod]
16/05/1973 Play of the Month: Caucasian Chalk Circle [prod]
16/09/1973 Play of the Month: The Love Girl and the Innocent [prod]
21/10/1973 Play of the Month: The Common [prod]
18/11/1973 Play of the Month: The Recruiting Officer [prod]
16/12/1973 Play of the Month: Pygmalion [dir]
28/12/1973 Mikado [prod]
29/12/1973 La Traviata [prod]
20/01/1974 Play of the Month: The Changeling [prod]
17/02/1974 Play of the Month: The Importance of Being Earnest [prod]
05/03/1974 The Lady From the Sea [prod]
17/03/1974 Play of the Month: The Deep Blue Sea [prod]
14/05/1974 Twelfth Night [Location, Regency] [prod]
19/05/1974 Play of the Month: The Skin Game [prod]
08/09/1974 Play of the Month: The Linden Tree [prod]
21/09/1974 The Marriage of Figaro [prod]
24/10/1974 Play of the Month: Electra [prod]
17/11/1974 Play of the Month: The Wood Demon [prod]
29/12/1974 Play of the Month: Robinson Crusoe [prod]
01/01/1975 The Yeoman of the Guard [prod]
19/01/1975 Play of the Month: The Apple Cart [dir]
16/02/1975 Play of the Month: The School for Scandal [prod]
23/03/1975 Play of the Month: King Lear [prod]
18/05/1975 Play of the Month: Strife [prod]
28/09/1975 Play of the Month: Chips with Everything [prod]
22/10/1975 Old Times [prod]
29/10/1975 The Philanthropist [prod]
02/11/1975 Play of the Month: The Little Minister [dir]
26/11/1975 Moll Flanders 1 Mother and Daughter [prod]
03/12/1975 Moll Flanders 2 Mother and Son [prod]
14/12/1975 Play of the Month: Love’s Labour’s Lost [prod]
29/12/1975 Play of the Month: When We Are Married [prod]
25/01/1976 Play of the Month: Trilby [prod]
29/02/1976 Play of the Month: Loyalties [prod]
18/04/1976 Play of the Month: The Chester Mystery Plays [prod]
05/05/1976 The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd [prod]
16/05/1976 Play of the Month: French Without Tears [prod]
28/07/1976 The House of Bernarda Alba [prod]
19/09/1976 Play of the Month: The Picture of Dorian Gray [prod]
10/10/1976 Play of the Month: London Assurance [prod]
21/11/1976 Play of the Month: Look Back in Anger [prod]
28/12/1976: Private Lives [prod]
30/12/1976 The Hunchback of Notre Dame [prod]
16/01/1977 Play of the Month: The Winslow Boy [prod]
13/02/1977 Play of the Month: The Country Wife [prod]
13/03/1977 Play of the Month: The Ambassadors [prod]
19/05/1977 Play of the Month: Heartbreak House [dir]
28/09/1977 Play of the Week: Exiles [prod]
03/12/1978 BBC Television Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet [prod]
10/12/1978 BBC Television Shakespeare: Richard II [prod]
17/12/1978 BBC Television Shakespeare: As You Like It [prod]
11/02/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Julius Caesar [prod]
18/02/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Measure for Measure [prod]
25/02/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Henry VIII [prod]
25/11/1979 Suez 1956 [prod]
09/12/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Henry IV Part One [prod]
12/12/1979 Playhouse: Sweet Wine of Youth [prod]
16/12/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Henry IV Part Two [prod]
23/12/1979 BBC Television Shakespeare: Henry V [prod]
06/01/1980 BBC Television Shakespeare: Twelfth Night [prod]
27/02/1980 BBC Television Shakespeare: The Tempest [prod]
24/05/1980 As the Japanese Like it [prod]
25/05/1980 BBC Television Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark [prod]
27/12/1980 On Approval [prod]
30/12/1981 Tales From A Thousand and One Nights [prod]
07/07/1982 Playhouse: Come into the Garden Maud [Dir]
09/07/1982 Playhouse: A Song At Twilight [Dir]
26/12/1982 The Spider’s Web [prod]
22/05/1983 Play of the Month: Dangerous Corner [prod]
19/12/1983 Broadway On Showtime: A Talent For Murder [co-prod]
28/12/1983 The Case of the Frightened Lady [prod]
30/12/1983 Waters of the Moon [prod]
26/12/1984 Hay Fever [dir & prod]
20/10/1985 Theatre Night: Trelawny of the Wells [co-prod]
27/10/1985 Theatre Night: Molière [co-prod]
03/11/1985 Theatre Night: Tartuffe [co-prod]
06/09/1987 Sunday Premiere: The Happy Valley [prod]

Originally posted: 24 June 2012.