This site covers British TV drama from its earliest days to the present day, across all types from single plays to cult series, costume drama to science fiction. We mix in-depth essays with short reviews and blog posts. See the top bar for collections on specific topics.

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David Rolinson is a Lecturer in Film and Television at the University of Stirling, and his contact details are available here.

We welcome contributions from anyone: articles, interviews, book reviews, DVD reviews, news, comment pieces, lighter blogs. We’ve had to deactivate comments because of the huge amount of sp*m, but we still value feedback, corrections, comments.

    Looking for information on a TV drama? Anyone researching a British TV drama should start at the BFI Film & TV Database.

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  1. Re my last comment on Circle Line, my mistake. I got the date wrong. But surely it merits more attention? Gilbert is still around and is close to Battersby. We’re there reviews of Circle Line?
    Tony Coult

  2. Stumbled over this fascinating site after the broadcast of Leeds United!. But why no mention of Circle Line by W.Stephen Gilbert in the PfT listings?

    Best wishes,
    Dr.Tony Coult

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